Friday, 18 March 2011

final project feedback

1) Good range of shots, tracking shots, long shots, medium shots to show fast paced action. Doesn't look tacky.

2) The sound was good for the action genre (Action) Matched the visuals and helped create the sense of urgency.

3) Location was good for action. Costumes went well, hood's fitted with the genre type.

4) Good use of editing, jump cuts, slow motion, sniper cross hairs worked well.

5) Continuity needs working on, for example, clothes. expressions do not meet genre.

6) Editing sound and mise en scene

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Improvements made after peer feedback

Because there were a lot of criticism toward the continuity our opening sequence in the rough cut we cut the clips and put the together in the intended way to make the footage flow from clip to clip. We added effects and transitions to the opening sequence so that it was clearer to the audience and made more sense what is happening in the opening sequence.

We also received criticism on the sound, because in some of the shots you can hear our cameraman saying "ok, go!" to the actors. To overcome this problem we cut the clip later on so that the sound was what we intended it to be in the first place.

Another criticism was that the running clips were to slow and that we should speed them up to make the running faster and increase the pace, so we tried taking this feedback on board so that we could improve on this area. but when we increased the speed of the running we found that we lost the realistic feel of the opening sequence and it didn't look right.

Another criticism was that in one of the clips when we were suppose to be serious one of the characters was smiling and didn't fit with the genre and emotion of the clip, unfortunately we could not improve on this because we couldn't film the footage again.

Thriller Project opening scene sound track

In the opening sequence of our thriller project we have decided to create a sound track. We have decided to do this because all of the music we researched into wasn't the right music for the video that we wanted. in making our own music we can make it so that it is perfect for the opening sequence and the genre of the film.

The types of sound that we are including in the sound track we are making includes

We got inspiration from our soundtrack from a scene in the film "too fast, too furious". The scene was a car chase scene, and our opening sequence is a chase scene on foot so we decided we could use some of the aspects of the soundtrack from the car chase in our chase on foot. The elements that we wanted our soundtrack to have is exciting, upbeat and fast paced so that they viewer can get into it and experience the fast paced chase scene.

Although the genre of the film "too fast, too furious" isn't a thriller, the inspiration of the music in the chase scene fits well with the chase scene of our opening sequence and because we have made the soundtrack our selves we have managed to make it fit with the thriller genre better.

Certain parts of the opening sequence are more fast paced than other points in the opening sequence.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Peer Feedback on Rough Cut

This is the feedback that another group has given our rough cut:

- Good continuity

- Not completely believable because there is smiling and laughing in serious scenes
- Cut it a bit later on so you can't hear the "OK, go!" at the start of the shot

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Friday, 4 March 2011

Evaluation - 05/03/11

Today we did more filming for our production. Although we previously thought we had enough footage to last the two minutes of the opening sequence, when edited it turned out that we only had about one minute 30 seconds. To overcome this problem, we went out and filmed some more shots to add length to the sequence. We took shots that would set the scene for our crime thriller, so for example we took shots of industrial and rough looking areas, and we also took a lot of shots of different signs with illegal things on, and the penalty for the crime if it was committed.

We have also did more editing on the footage that has already been filmed, this was to improve the quality and overall appeal of the opening scene. We have added in some transitions and effects, this along with cutting of clips we have managed to improve the continuity of the clips we filmed.

We think that this lesson and all the lessons up to this have been well organized and executed. This is because we have managed to gain enough footage and have edited the footage so that it is acceptable and exceeds the level of standards that we set our selves. In previous lessons we have also done a lot of filming that included more acting and character footage, this footage was then cut down when we edited it which is why we filmed more today. The filming today was focused on setting the scene.

Things that we haven't yet done are; Making the text which will be placed over certain shots in different ways to display the title and the names of characters/editors and producing the film.